Difference Between Discernment and Judgment?

Answer Words in any language that have similar meanings can be easily confused. Additionally, just because words are synonymous doesn't necessarily mean they can be used interchangeably. The English words... Read More »

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What does default judgment mean?

A default judgment is a binding judgment that is handed down favoring the person initiating a lawsuit (the plaintiff) in a court case. This type of judgment occurs when the person being sued (the d... Read More »

What Can I Expect From a Judgment If I Have No Job?

A court judgment is the result of a creditor's lawsuit against a consumer who owes the company. One of the primary ways a judgment benefits creditors is by giving them the ability to garnish the de... Read More »

What is a mortgage judgment?

When a foreclosure looms in the near future, homeowners are often too consumed with the problem at hand to worry about events after the foreclosure. Unfortunately, if an individual's home loan exce... Read More »

What is a debt judgment?

If you owe money, your creditor has the right to collect that money. One way for a creditor to do that is to get a judgment against you. The creditor simply needs to prove in court that you still o... Read More »