Difference Between Classroom Managing and Disciplining?

Answer Classroom management and discipline go hand in hand. Teachers must establish classroom management procedures and routines to follow consistently so students know how to act and what to expect. Clas... Read More »

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What Are Teachers Taught About Managing a Classroom?

Classroom management is the methods and strategies that a teacher uses to organize his classroom and manage students' behavior. Though every prospective teacher is taught something different about ... Read More »

Tricks for Managing a Preschool Classroom?

Managing preschool-age children can be a difficult task in and of itself. At ages three to five, children are often not yet accustomed to classroom settings and social interactions. This makes both... Read More »

What's the major difference between a 'managing conservator' and a 'possessory' one?

Answer The legal definition is a managing conservator is the person in whose home the child resides and the person who receives financial support for the child. The possessory conservator is the pe... Read More »

What is the main difference between Adoption and sole managing conservetorship?

Adoption is permanent. Sole Managing Conservator means that for now you are responsible but in the future, someone, like another family member, can file in court to change your status and they cou... Read More »