Difference Between Ceu & Contact Hour?

Answer Continuing education includes experiences that assist in the professional development of an individual in his or her chosen occupation. These activities may include seminars, conferences or online ... Read More »

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What is difference between contact and connection ?

Since this is in electronics, I'll try that one instead of the human contacts/connections above:A contact is the physical end of an electrical signal. When two electrical contacts are in physical ... Read More »

What is the difference between no contact order&restraining order?

Although people sometimes consider a no contact and restraining order as essentially the same, they are used for different types of cases. Usually, you do not even have a choice to file a no contac... Read More »

How to Calculate the Hour Difference?

When traveling to different time zones, it is important to know how to calculate the hour differences. Each time you go through a new time zone, you will either lose or gain an hour depending on th... Read More »

What i the difference between mac and normal pc's i want a mac but whats the difference?