Difference Between Awards & Rewards?

Answer Many believe that the terms "award" and "reward" are similar, but these two words have different meanings. People often confuse the words because they both acknowledge individuals, but individuals ... Read More »

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What is the nickname for the awards given at the Academy Awards ceremony called?

The Academy Award statues are often called "Oscars", a nickname officially adopted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1939. There are differing stories about the origin of the ni... Read More »

What game show won the most Emmy Awards at the 2008 Emmy Awards?

The Best Classroom Rewards?

Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States, and teachers, as a result, are taking a closer look at what rewards they offer students in the classroom. Candy, sweet treats, pizza pa... Read More »

What Are Pampers Rewards?

Diapering a baby will have an definite impact your weekly household budget. You can reduce the hit to your pocketbook by taking advantage of manufacturer rewards programs such as the Pamper Gifts t... Read More »