Difference Between 720 & 1080 DPI LCD Televisions?

Answer High-definition LCD television prices have dropped dramatically in recent years, and the adoption of the technology has skyrocketed. However, some confusion exists around the differences between di... Read More »

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What is 1080 in LCD HD televisions?

In the world of liquid crystal display TVs, the term 1080 refers to the number of lines of resolution in the picture on the screen, the highest number currently available in this generation of high... Read More »

What is the difference in 1080 and 720P on LCD TVs?

Difference in 1600 x 900 vs 1920 x 1080?

Dell XPS 17 Laptop, i7-2630QM, 8GB DDR3 Memory, 17.3in FHD WLED AG (1920x1080) Screen, NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M 3GB graphics with Optimus, 1TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive, Tray Load Blu-ray Disc BD-Combo, Wi... Read More »

What is the difference between DLP and LCD televisions?

As television manufacturers continue to advance and offer higher-resolution TVs, there are new technologies being introduced. Two of the higher-end types are DLP--digital light processing--and LCD-... Read More »