Differance between address bus and data bus?

Answer A data bus carries data. Most processors have internal data buses that carry information inside the processor and external data buses that carry information back and forth between the processor and... Read More »

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Which Outlook file contains data email address?

Microsoft Outlook stores email, calendar information and contacts as a .pst file. By default, Outlook stores this file under the Windows user account directory. The file itself can be found in the ... Read More »

How to Register an Address Book Spreadsheet As a Data Source?

To use a spreadsheet effectively, you will need to register it as a data source. Read this article to learn how.

What is the ATA standard that changes the number of bits used to address data on a hard drive?

The ATA-6 standard introduced 48-bit LBA (Logical Block Addressing), which changed the maximum number of bits used to address the location of data on a hard drive. The previous system created a cap... Read More »

ICloud : What if I accidentally delete all my address book data on my iPhone?

Yes, as Apple say 'It keeps everything up to date, and does it immediately' As a side note, in Gmail you can restore your contacts back to sometime in the past, iCloud does have this tough.