Dieting without family knowing?

Answer Just say you want to start eating a bit healthier. I'm telling my mom this because if I said diet, I know I would be yelled at. I'm doing my exercise dvds early in the morning and just trying to ea... Read More »

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How to Save Yourself from the Consequences of Your Family Knowing You Are Goth?

If your family have drawn the line with your Gothic lifestyle and threaten to take away your clothes and makeup, then here you can find out how to dodge the threats and live your life as normal.

Can Adderall be used for dieting?

On One Hand: It Does Help with Weight LossAdderall (including Adderall XR), like most stimulants, is a strong appetite suppressant, and will nearly always result in significant weight loss if used ... Read More »

Really need help on dieting! Really important! PLEASE HELP?

Check out the get in shape program link below. Make sure you eat food but watch your portions.

Dieting Binging Help?

No you wont gain a lot. Drink plenty of water and be sure to go back to the smaller portions and your workout routine. I recommend not to eat out as much and don't buy junk food for home. But is a ... Read More »