Diet to Promote Hair Growth?

Answer Losing one's hair, or being dissatisfied with its thickness or length, can take a toll on one's self esteem. Fortunately, dietary changes can provide your body with the nutrients it takes to incre... Read More »

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How to Promote Hair Growth?

If longer, thicker hair is your desire, there are a few simple things you can do to keep the hair that you have healthy. While genetics plays a large role in the type of hair you have, changes in d... Read More »

How to Clean Hair Follicles on the Scalp to Promote Hair Growth?

Hair is a natural byproduct of growth, and if you maintain your health and exercise with some regularity, your hair should grow in all by itself. However, bacterial growth and a buildup of oils can... Read More »

Does Spinach Promote Hair Growth?

There are a variety of hair-care products on the market that advertise their ability to help with your hair growth. However, maintaining healthy hair and stimulating hair growth must start from the... Read More »

Oils to Promote Hair Growth?

Since ancient times, men and women all over the world have used a variety of oils to stimulate their hair growth and beautify their hair. Most of these oils come from plants, while some are animal-... Read More »