Diet for Nail Growth?

Answer Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, growing and keeping your nails healthy can be a challenge. However, there are many foods that can be eaten that can help speed up nail growth, as well as keep... Read More »

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How Diet Effects Nail Growth?

Strong, long, healthy nails have been a beauty holy grail for millennia. As with many other beauty ideals, the condition of a woman's nails is an indicator of her overall health. Weak, brittle nail... Read More »

Nail Growth?

Despite their small size, fingernails love to get attention. They're on display as you talk, gesture, eat, type or make that annoying clicking sound with your pen. Fortunately, these mini-divas are... Read More »

Nail-like Growth on Dog?

Growths and lumps on dogs are common, especially as dogs age. A growth on your dog that looks just like a toenail is rare. The growth is as hard as a toenail and clips like a toenail but contains n... Read More »

Finger Nail Growth?

Consisting of several protein layers of a substance called keratin, your fingernails may be small, but they consist of several parts--the plate, folds, bed, cuticle and lunula--which is the white, ... Read More »