Diesel Truck Tips?

Answer Depending on what your needs are, a diesel engine may be best for you, especially if you haul often or otherwise have a need for a truck with more torque. After purchasing a diesel truck, there are... Read More »

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How to Tips for Diesel Truck Maintenance?

Simple easy steps to keep your Diesel engine running at it's best.

How to Start a Diesel Truck?

Gas powered engines and diesel powered engines ignite differently. Gas powered engines start when the fuel is ignited by a spark from a spark plug. In contrast, diesel engines are ignited by combus... Read More »

Can I burn K-1 kerosene in my diesel truck?

K-1 kerosene generally can be used as fuel in diesel engines. It is wise, however, to check with a diesel engine's manufacturer before using anything other than diesel fuel in the engine because so... Read More »

How to Test 12V Batteries on a Diesel Truck?

Testing the batteries in your diesel truck does not have to be a complicated process. The batteries on a diesel truck are wired to the truck differently than in a standard automobile. In the diesel... Read More »