Diesel Exhaust Laws?

Answer Diesel exhaust laws define emissions limits for different types of vehicles. The levels of acceptable emissions depends on the size and type of the vehicle. In some cases, state laws may be more st... Read More »

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What is the density of diesel exhaust?

The effective density of diesel exhaust is 1.1 to 1.2 grams per cubic centimeter. This range depends on the dilution of the primary particles in the exhaust more so than the fuel type.Source:"Effe... Read More »

How to Buy Diesel Exhaust Systems?

Diesel exhaust systems don't only add horsepower and torque to your diesel, but can reduce exhaust gas temperatures, making your vehicle more environment friendly. These steps will help you in buyi... Read More »

How to Install Diesel Exhaust?

A new exhaust system on your diesel will increase the performance and horsepower of your engine. The stock exhaust system is restrictive and may not allow the air to flow out of the engine properly... Read More »

How to Select a Diesel Exhaust Diameter?

The exhaust diameter of your diesel car or truck is an important consideration because it directly affects the power of your vehicle. The wider the exhaust, the less work the engine has to do to "p... Read More »