Diesel Engine Oil Types?

Answer Diesel oil is only used in specific types of engines. Not all engines can operate on diesel oil. There are many ways to produce this type of fuel from petroleum, plants, gases and some biological m... Read More »

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How much co2 is produced by a natural gas engine vs. a diesel engine?

Diesel engines produce more Carbon Dioxide (CO2) than gas engines. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a gallon of gasoline produces 19.4 pounds of CO2, while a gallon of diesel ... Read More »

How to Convert a Diesel Engine to a Waste Cooking Oil Engine?

Converting a diesel engine to run from waste cooking oil can reduce or almost eliminate your need to purchase petroleum based diesel fuel for your car or truck. Your engine will not need any modifi... Read More »

Diesel Oil Types?

Diesel oil is fuel specifically produced to power diesel engines. Most diesel oils are derived from petroleum, but some are produced using gases, plants and other biological material. Somewhat dens... Read More »

How to Use Waste Oil in a Diesel Engine?

Diesel engines are machines that run well on fuel comprising a mix of gasoline and oil. The diesel engine can be made to run on waste oil without major modifications, and it will not cost you a lot... Read More »