Dielectric Vs. Silicone Grease?

Answer Silicone and dielectric grease are used to seal objects from foreign materials and dust. Both materials are used in electrical applications because of their resistance to high temperatures and elec... Read More »

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What Is Dielectric Grease?

Dielectric grease is a silicone-based grease discovered in the 1930s and has been commercially produced since the 1940s. It has physical and chemical properties that make it ideal for a variety of ... Read More »

What Is Dielectric Grease Used For?

Dielectric grease is a thick, nonconductive, water-resistant compound that protects electrical components and connections. It also lubricates mated connections, such as spark plugs and the rubber b... Read More »

Are all greases a dielectric grease?

All greases are not dielectric in nature. Dielectric grease is a specialized grease that does not absorb water and is non-conductive. Other greases are hydroscopic, meaning that over time, they att... Read More »

How to Apply Dielectric Grease?

Applying dielectric grease as a preventative measure is simple task that should become a regular practice on all automotive connectors that may be exposed to the elements. Bulbs, under-hood connec... Read More »