Didn't you know!!! you can be sober for a year & still be an alcoholic?

Answer Yeah it's true, alot of people don't know that tho, some people think an alcoholic is someone who drinks first thing in the mornings! or they say 'I'm not an alcoholic! I don't drink every day!' b... Read More »

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I am a sober alcoholic .....?

Old habits die hard. We all hit rock bottom at one part of our life, and this may be yours. Find a hobby, make new friends, get out and discover the world around you while you still have your healt... Read More »

Is steve-o still sober?

Debatable. He was recently featured on after a night of partying with Tom Green in Los Angeles, dancing on top of the roof of a car, looking pretty chewed.

I'm sober, it's 10:30 and haven't gone to bed sober for years, how do I get to sleep?

watch gltterball gauranteed ten mins you will be asleep lmao

I didnt fill out a fasfa. Can I still get loans?

Go on line now and fill out the fafsa. You will need to have certain information, to fill it out, but the site will run you through what you need and you can always go back to it. You are still e... Read More »