Didn't wear my retainers for 8 months?

Answer I think you're only supposed to wear them at night but if you want to put them throughout the day it wouldn't hurt. And maybe you've done this already but i think you should go to your dentist beca... Read More »

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What if i didnt wear my retainers for a week but i have been wearin them everynight like im supposed to two ye?

I am not sure what you mean at the end by "like im supposed to two ye?" but if you mean like you're supposed to for two years, then you will be fine. I have had my retainer for 2 years and I've gon... Read More »

I stopped wearing my retainers for a couple of months now and the retainers are cracked what do I do?

If they're cracked, you should go to the orthodontist and get fitted for a new set. Wearing broken retainers is just as bad as not wearing them at all. Forcing them in isn't good either since they ... Read More »

I havent worn my retainers in 5 months and my teeth have moved...?

If the retainer still fits after 5 months, then yes. It'll hurt, but they'll go back. If it just doesn't fit, and you want them straight, you'll need braces again.

Why do I have to wear my retainers 24/7?

Your teeth will shift back. Trust me, I hardly ever wore my retainer after I got my braces off and now I regret it. Thankfully it's just my bottom teeth that look all messed up though.