Didn't hardly eat today and exercised a lot?

Answer Don't worry! That's perfeclty normal- it happens to me all the time! Since you exercised a lot, your body was burning more energy than normal. But because you only had chick-fil-a and gummies (lol!... Read More »

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A daycare lady didnt let a little girl have her desert cause she didnt finish her food and then ....?

Are you here mother or another daycare helper?As a daycare helper, go to the director and explain the ladies treatment of the little girl. Another mother, tell the little girls mother. No child sho... Read More »

My ear feels clogged up i tried wax removal and it didnt work flushing with water and q-tips didnt work help?

Go pick up a ear wax removal kit. They cost about $4 at any Wal-Mart or drug store. You may have to use it for a few days but it will safely remove the wax from your ear. People putting Q-Tips in... Read More »

When can stock options be exercised?

When stock options can be exercised depends on whether the options are American or European. American stock options may be exercised at any time on or before the expiration date. European options m... Read More »

Why did i just get this weird smell after i exercised?

Your sweat smells a lot like your insides.