Did youtube crash or something, cause its not working for me at all?

Answer same here i think they got DDos

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Can a bad fan cause a computer to crash?

A faulty computer fan can cause a computer to crash. A fan that isn't functioning properly is unable to circulate cool air through the computer, causing the computer to overheat and crash.Reference... Read More »

Is getting into a car crash something to be proud of?

sure, you can risk your own life to get a five minute acknowledgement on the news and a one day obituary in a local newspaper

Why did NASA have something crash the moon?

By the shockwave it created of particles coming off the moon, they could measure to see if it was likely to contain water.

Can a bad power cord cause a PC to crash?

On One Hand: Yes, Of CourseA bad power cord can be the cause of a computer suddenly crashing. Check to see if the LED is lit up when the power cord is plugged into the computer. If the LED is not l... Read More »