Did your baby like her bath?

Answer Take it from me I was a baby once! LOLBut yes i used to love my bath and I don't know of a baby who doesn't

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You had a baby 3 weeks ago and had 3 stitches over the past week you have felt sore down below you had a bath today and felt a lump bubble at the side of the opening where your baby came out?

In what ways does your baby show you they love bath time?

Since I bought my daughter home, bath time has been mummy and Amber time, we love it! 20 minutes a day we close the door and relax, and being that Amber is the sister of 4 loud brothers we certainl... Read More »

Adults Does your boyfriend or hubby like you shaved like a baby?

Who cares if boyfriend likes it? *I* like it. I love it in fact. It has nothing to do with pedophilia as others may believe. It has to do with *sensation*. It feels excellent, for myself and f... Read More »

How can you secure bath tub knobs so your toddler cannot take a bath on their own?

AnswerIt depends what type of knobs you have in your bath tub. Go to a hardware store and they can give you some solutions to the problem. It's best to have a lock on your bathroom door (keep a spa... Read More »