Did you wait until you were at a "legal" to drink alcohol?

Answer Naw...teenagers are teenagers! Have to 'experiment' with illegal things.....1....if, under the influence of DO NOT DRIVE...I only wish I had photos of these crash victims...dead. To ... Read More »

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After an op how long should I wait until drinking alcohol?

The wait after surgery is usually 24 hours unless told otherwise. However, you need to pace yourself to see how much alcohol your body can tolerate before going back to your regular amount.

Did you call to let everyone know you were in labor - or wait until you delivered?

I waited until after wards to call people. Delivery is private, and should be kept that way. It is harder for the doctors and nurses to do their job with 20 people coming in and out of the room a... Read More »

How long should you wait to drink alcohol after giving blood?

In moderation it would be best to leave it for an hour or two, just don't go out on a bingeDune

Do you think 18 should be the legal age to purchase and drink alcohol?

I totally agree w/ you. Either lower the drinking age to 18, or raise the age to get into the military to 21.