Did you uninstall your ECP printer port in device manager in windows 7 yeet?


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How to Uninstall Default Monitors in Windows XP Device Manager?

The Windows XP Device Manager allows you to manage the drivers that go along with all of your computer's hardware devices. When you first boot up your computer after purchase, a default monitor dri... Read More »

Recently reinstalled Windows XP, now 'NO SOUND DEVICE' but in Device Manager: Everything working properly!?

Hey babe, try installing the software discs that came with the lappy. Or could always go into control panel . . . open the system folder . . . find the sound devices and remove anything wit... Read More »

How can I reformat an external hdd that was previously formatted with Linux via dish network to be windows compatible and Windows device manager has the option grayed out?

You are not able to transfer the recordings from the DVR receiver to your computer. The programming language used for the receiver is different than that used for computers. You can use an externa... Read More »

How to Replace Ports in the Device Manager of Windows XP?

The Device Manager in Windows XP is the location of your computer that handles the hardware attached to the machine, including the communication ports. Replacing the communication ports in the Devi... Read More »