Did you scrape your knees when you was a child?

Answer yes, but the worst time i was actually around 12 years old and i fell in school and slid across pavement on my knees. I still have scars on both my knees....they're not horrible anymore since they'... Read More »

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What does it mean when your knees are burning hot?

That's ussualy a major sign of inflammation and being that it's both knees thats very indicative of Arthtritis. I dont know your age but yes Arthritis can occur at any age and often starts out like... Read More »

How do i make a leg scrape heal faster what should i do if yellow pus is on top of the scrape?

Neosporin then a clean bandage. That's all. Keep the bandage clean and dry.

You gave your child up for adoption to your exwife's new husband Can you contact your child when she is 18?

If your child is a legal adult in whatever jurisdiction she resides and no law prevents you from contacting any other adult then the answer is yes. In the United States, the answer is yes. In a few... Read More »

Do you still pay child support to your ex when your child is in jail and or not in the ex care?

Yes, until the order is modified. You can request a modification at child support enforcement. If it appears the child will remain there until aged out, you may need to file for emancipation. see l... Read More »