Did you scrape your knees when you was a child?

Answer yes, but the worst time i was actually around 12 years old and i fell in school and slid across pavement on my knees. I still have scars on both my knees....they're not horrible anymore since they'... Read More »

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How do i make a leg scrape heal faster what should i do if yellow pus is on top of the scrape?

Neosporin then a clean bandage. That's all. Keep the bandage clean and dry.

How to Scrape a Hog?

One common method of removing hair from a hog, once it has been slaughtered, is to scald the carcass in hot water. This softens the hair and acts as a lubricant, and makes it easier to scrape the h... Read More »

My scrape...?

It is tissue fluid (plasma).You need to wash your knee well in the shower, apply neosporin. Leave it open to air as much as you can so it can form a proper scab. Keep it covered when you wear clo... Read More »

Need help with my scrape.?

Use the neosporin as often as you can to keep the area moist so it won't get dry and rip but don't pile it up rub it in until it just looks glossy, don't keep a band aid on it all the time you shou... Read More »