Did you quick smoking and did you do it cold turkey?

Answer I went cold turkey and it took me 3 long years to finally lose the desire to smoke or be around secondary smoke. I don't know how I did it. I do know I couldn't muster the strength to do something ... Read More »

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How to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey?

Are you trying to give up the smoking habit? Read on to find some tips on how to quit cold turkey.  Fell free to add your own tips

Tips on giving up smoking cold turkey style?

I would wonder why you would want to give up cold-turkey, generally this implies a few months of hell while you deny yourself something, then only to risk falling right back into the trap in a few ... Read More »

Easiest way to quit smoking cold turkey or cutting down?

cold turkey and if you can afford the patch get those...I used an inhaler and it worked for me..

Im stopping smoking on thursday, should i use patches etc, or go cold turkey?

Hi Carlie,I stopped 9 weeks ago.I used a book called "the easy way to stop smoking" by Allen Carr.Its brilliant,I read it all in 4 hours and havent touched a ciggie since,it has been really easy,im... Read More »