Did you people ever.....?

Answer India food can be really spicy sometimes.Pakistan food has an unique flavour.

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Do blind people ever dream?

Thank you so much for asking. Though i was born sighted, i have been blind nearly seven years and through residual memory, i usually dream in images. For me, it is a remarkably beautiful experience... Read More »

Do rich people ever ride on trains?

On the 15th August 2012, the Daily Telegraph Online published a photograph of Richard Branson boarding a Virgin West Coast train. I guess that Richard could be described as rich.

Do seat belts ever kill people?

While seat belts save as many as 11,000 lives each year, according to estimates by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, some faulty seat belts are blamed in the deaths related to car... Read More »

Will people living in the US ever get to see new Pucca again?

Eventually Yes, but in the mean time, you can check out Youtube for your up to date Pucca episodes!