Did you parents or grandparents save up for your education tuition?

Answer I went to college from 1982 to 1986. Typical 4 year degree at an out-of-state, private college.The entire ball of wax - tuition, room, food, books, lab fees, and transportatiion cost me roughly $3... Read More »

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If one of your parents was adopted can you find out who your biological grandparents are without the knowledge or consent of your parent?

Answer With limited information it is possible to locate biological parents/grandparents via the internet at such sights as Look for reunion registries through which you can find bi... Read More »

Can your grandparents get custady over you even if your parents are alive?

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In the state of Missouri can you move in with your grandparents without your parents consent at the age of 16?

Can you sign your parental rights over to your parents in other words to the child's grandparents?

Yes, but doing so will not relieve you of your support obligation.