Did you mom ever critisize you about your cooking eventhough you know it's good?

Answer She could either be jelouse or just have different taste the you. My mother does thesame. I know my food is good but she thinks its t strong. She's just a person tha cant hande as much seasoning as me

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Have you ever put baby carrots in with your pork roast when cooking it Is it good?

My wife and I have much more pork roast than we do beef and we always cook carrots, potatoes and onions in with it. They will be very good just like they are cooked with a beef roast. I personall... Read More »

I know the amount of omega 3s per ounce of olive oil is about 0.2 grams,but what about vegetable cooking oil?

Someone I know has received a complaint from a neighbour about strong cooking smells?

Best not to fall out with neighbours; things we might not notice can drive someone else mad. Use an extractor fan? Of course, it could be an extractor fan that's causing the problem, ie. extracted ... Read More »

I plan to give my mother a recipes book. The problem is I don't know nothing about cooking?

Buy her a general guide to cooking good homely foods, and while you're in the bookshop, get yourself a book on grammar!