Did you know you can make your Canon like a Nikon for only $100?

Answer I had dial-turning issues the last two mornings (5am yesterday, 4am today) with a 7D. It's the placement of the power switch on these models, instead of where it's been on previous models. With glo... Read More »

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What camera is best for your needs nikon d300 nikon d700 canon eos 50d canon eos 5d mark ii?

It depends what you're needs are. The needs of a sports photographer are quite different from a studio portrait photographer. When selecting a camera, you need to think about what you will use it f... Read More »

Canon 400D you would like to buy a canon 300mm f 4 LIS lens canon1.4 x extender you would like to know if you could use this lens for your camera and its cost?

Once you have a digital camera and a compatible memory chip, you can take almost countless pictures for no additional expense. As the memory chip fills up, you can upload it to a computer and then ... Read More »

Nikon or Canon for buying a DSLR Camera Nikon d5100 or Canon t3i?

Both are excellent camerasThe pros are that both camera systems have over 70 different lenses available and are the same brands used by the Pros.The pro of the D5100 over the T3i/600D is the perfor... Read More »

If you owned Canon, why did you switch to Nikon and to the ones to went Nikon to Canon?

Boy, this is an interesting question. I gave it a star and I can't wait to read what all the usual suspects have to say. I will even stay out of the argument and enjoy the comments.I say that it'... Read More »