Did you know what your period was before you got it,or was it a surprise?

Answer i was 8 1/2 years old i had went to the washroom i felt fine and on my underwear was dry blood i thaught i was dying i screamed for my mom and she had told me what it was

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Is there a way you can know your pregnant before your period is due?

Yes - you can know as early as 2 weeks after sex from:. Positive pregnancy test. Feeling sick/actually being sick. Headaches. Exhausted. Dizziness. Food cravings. Food/smell/colour aversions. Emoti... Read More »

Can you have sex three days before your period still get your period and be pregnant after your period?

Yes, it is possible. Although the "average" female has a 28 day cycle and is supposed to ovulate 14 days into that cycle, no female is the same and none of us are truly average. A number of factors... Read More »

Is 14 months an ok period of time to know your boyfriend before you have sex I feel I'm ready?

It not how long you know him. Its if you are OK getting pregnant

Can your period be affected if your boyfriend fingers you a couple of days before your period is due?

No it wont. But I have never meet anyone that has there period start on the same day ever month. It changes, Yes there may be a few months that it starts the same date. But as you get older you wil... Read More »