Did you know that you you dun goofed and the consequences will never be the same?

Answer You know what?! Im gonna get the cyber police AND the state police AND my Mario mustache all up in here

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How does it feel knowing that your vagina will never be the same again?

Is there something that we are still doing the same way today since yester year that has never changed?

I'm watching Pirates of the Carribean right now.

What is the difference between 'that is why' and ' which is why eg ' You can never know what will happen on a journey ' commo here''that is why' or 'which is why' you should have a travel insurance?

There is a subtle but important difference between the use of that and which in a sentence, and it has to do primarily with relevance. Grammarians often use the terms "restrictive" and "non-restric... Read More »

How do you tell your parents that you're pregnant at 15 with a guy you barely know. My best friend said he will help me and we will find a way but I don't know if I can do this?

Hang in there First of all, you can do this and you will. I know it seems like a terribly difficult situation, with no easy answers, but understand that many, many young girls face the identical ... Read More »