Did you know that you can still access Wikipedia despite them "blacking" it out?

Answer Shut down in UK. Easy work-around. Go to - select the French version. Open new tab and go to - copy/paste the shortcut from the Wiki French tab... Read More »

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Do u admit that u still could like cartoons despite your age?

I'm 28, I love cartoons, I enjoyed my chilhood.The first cartoons I remember was the lone ranger and zorro, all of the disney cartoons, I saw the first tune in for thundercats,brave star the ninja ... Read More »

Why is wikipedia blacking?

The protest is to demonstrate what would happen if sites like Wikipedia could not operate. Wikipedia is so often used anymore that its disappearance will be quite noticeable.SOPA and PIPA provide ... Read More »

Why did Wikipedia lie about blacking out for SOPA today?

They're not lying. That's a ridiculous accusation.They simply set up a way to block the site that doesn't require a great deal of re-programming on their part. They didn't want to just shut down th... Read More »

Why do some people text message while driving cars despite that they know is unsafe and wrong?