Did you know that wikipedia has two and a half million images?

Answer Really? That's a lot!

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Why is wikipedia asking for $7.5 million?

Excellent question. It is plain from the Wikimedia Foundation's ("WMF", the charity that owns Wikipedia) financial statements that their fundraising efforts have significantly outstripped their ac... Read More »

Can I use the images in Wikipedia freely?

No, it means you can use them if you conform to the restrictions laid out by the license.

Does Wikipedia take/make their own images?

Do they make their own images? Sure they do! I've seen more than one instance where they've had a staff member draw something in order to illustrate a point. They usually do it to avoid copyright i... Read More »

Do I have to cite Wikipedia images?

Wikipedia is becoming more reliable. Some pages still have complete trash on them, but for larger and more-read topics, it's a trustworthy site now. Contrary to what people still claim, not everyon... Read More »