Did you know that vegetarians taste better?

Answer Don't eat me!! OH... I mean, feel free ;)*Shakes head at Dusty*

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Why do vegetarians want to buy/eat products that taste like meat?

It does defeat the purpose, but think about our culture: Meat is a main part of the meal. People who are Vegan/Vegetarian still want to eat some of the typical meals they knew when they ate meat.... Read More »

How do you know something is organic. Dose it taste better or you know when you pay twice the price?

usually it is how it is advertised. you can't really taste the difference.

You know how you get that metal-in-the-mouth taste when the needle hits Do you enjoy that now (like I do)?

they're so friggin addicting!! i've got two and am currently trying to figure out a place that's not going to sag as the years go on and what i want to get. the metal in the mouth thing kinda remi... Read More »

Did you know that Jelly is not suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, I did thanks.P.S. To Julzz, Jelly (UK) is Jello (US) and Jelly (US) is Jam (UK). Hope that makes sense!