Did you know that if you stick your finger in your ear....?

Answer omg yeaaaah!!!!!!!!!! :D so telling my friends this!

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On the top of your hand, between your thumb and index finger...that area...does it hurt to get a tat there?

Nerves are a funny thing. What can be excruciating for one, could be a breeze for another. and vis-versa. Hands and feet are usually pretty painful, but from what I've heard, that spot isn't bad co... Read More »

Is it okay to stick your middle finger up at people because they don't let you merge onto the freeway?

NO. It's a sign the person doing it is immature. It's how you go about merging that makes the difference. Signal, don't try to FORCE your way in, and someone will ALWAYS create an opening. Signalin... Read More »

Is it poisonous to have a green mark around your finger after you take a ring off of your finger?

No, its just oxidation from silver or cheap metal. It WONT kill you.

What should you do if you have insects in your home especially around the window that are so small when you press your finger on one it just looks like a gray smudge?

Get Rid of Tiny Bugs Call the exterminator. To get rid of them yourself, you can use "Hot Shot" bug bomb spray cans. It is great stuff, very effective. Follow directions on the can.