Did you know that colgate really means....?

Answer That's so funny!!!! No I didn't know that... I should say that to someone at work when they really piss me off!!! lol...

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Which is better: colgate or crest?

This is though as both ARE recommended by dentists. So I can't really say seeing as I use both of them in general from time to time. I guess it depends on the results you get for dental care with y... Read More »

How much does colgate cost?

Colgate offers an array of products. Colgate toothpaste can range from a little over 1 dollar to 3, 4 or 10 dollars for specialty versions. Other Colgate dental products can range from 20 dollars o... Read More »

Where can you buy Colgate Tooth Powder?

The only Colgate Tooth Powder you can still buy is the one made in India. It is very good stuff and has fluoride, is not abrasive etc etc. The only source I know of for online ordering is here:

Does colgate toothpaste help pimples?

Toothpaste DOES Dry Out The Pimple However It May Be A Bit Visible .Leave It On Till You Feel It's Totally Dry Then Wash It Off ( GENTLY ) Even If The Pimple Doesn't Go Away NEVER Pop It ! You'll O... Read More »