Did you know that High Speed Internet, has been set up on Mt. Everest?

Answer Damn are they trying to take out ALL the romance left in the world?!

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Looking for high speed internet access in MD with no contract-under $40-know of any?

There are several. Try using Google with the following keywords in your search: high speed internet maryland

Can you get high-speed Internet that includes phone& DirecTV?

Yes. On its website, DirecTV boasts of its agreements with phone and Internet providers so you can bundle all your services into one bill. Among the providers it includes are Verizon, Qwest and AT&... Read More »

Can a high speed router really raise your internet speed?

Can your router raise your Internet speed?No and yes.The speed you get at your DSL or cable or Satellite or what ever modem you have won't change.So in reality that connection will not be faster ba... Read More »

How Can I Check the Speed of My High Speed Cable Internet Connection?

There are numerous websites you can use to measure the speed of your Internet connection. These websites queue up a small file that your computer downloads (the file is safe and is deleted after th... Read More »