Did you know going to the hairdressers and leaning back over the sink?

Answer OMG !! I'm going to the hairdressers tomorrow !! Do you think I should kneel on the chair and put my head forward, just in case !!

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Why does water from the dishwasher back up into the sink?

Original answer: Yes! I did this in my Kitchen USSEG: It really comes down to how much amp each of the appliances is going to use at peak. You need to look at the emperage draw of each appliance t... Read More »

After you use the garbage disposal why does water comes back into the sink?

Why does your kitchen sink water back up into your dishwasher?

No but Roomba is. Roomba is an automatic vacuum cleaner which moves around your house and picks up dirt and dust while moving. It does its job very well, saving you a lot of time and effort. It is ... Read More »

Why would gross water back up into the kitchen sink while using the dishwasher?

is could be a waste line problem where the gradient is wrong or your sewer line may be blocked somewhereStoppage down stream