Did you know Snapvine is shutting down on march 31st?

Answer Well I didn't know it before, but I do now. Now I'm going to lose all those snappies that you sent to me.......oh wait, you never cared enough to send me any. :(

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Is facebook really shutting down in March ?

It's not true, it's a rumor that was created by mixing two different news.On the other hand, as Goldman Sachs recently invested $500 millon in the company, it's impossible for Facebook to close any... Read More »

Nikon SB 800 flash shutting down when I use Quantum battery or if I pump up the power It will just stop working after about 100 flashes. it works without shutting down when I just use the 4 batteries?

Are there any programs like Snapvine still around?

I don't know if it's free, but there's Evoca :)You could also try Gabcast :)Maybe ipadio is similar to what you want?Finally there's Yodio :)Sorry I couldn't help so much :(