Why is it that since Michael Jackson didn't JUST die, people feel that it's okay to make fun of him again?

Answer Because they are disrespectful and they think it is amusing to go along with what they first believed he was. But if they stopped for a minute and learned to love him and just look at what he's don... Read More »

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X Factor, Cheryl, Can You Believe That Cheryl Just Said That About John & Edward Has She Just Dug A Ditch?

she speaks the truth god dammit you ppl are brainwashed

Cheap make up that won't just lay I top of my skin?

I actually use Nivea Tinted Moisturizer and then use No. 17 press powder over it but I highly recommend Rimmel London foundations, not sure if you can get them in anywhere other than UK. If in doub... Read More »

I just drank a beer from the bottle! ~ Does that make me sexy or what?

YOU MAKE ME PROUD! I will be your huckleberry!

Do medium toothbrushes really make your teeth yellow or is that just a myth?

Hi Lucinda --It's no myth - it's true.You have to use only a soft toothbrush, especially if you're trying to whiten your teeth. Here's why:The outer surface of your teeth, enamel, is somewhat tra... Read More »