Did you hear on the news you can die from box pancake mix?

Answer Its true only if you have an allergy to mold, specifically the types of mold that can form in pancake mix: Penicillium, Fusarium, Mucor, and Aspergillus. Better play it safe and just throw it out ... Read More »

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So, Michael Jackson Fans, did you hear the incredibly good news?

Yes I am been celebrating all night...Im sooo freaking happy. I was part of this campaign since the beginning. sending letters to everyone, the school principal, superintendent, school district and... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family ; NEWS NEWS NEWS :D?

Aww, the letter was super cute. :DThey were probably so sad when they thought the lost and then BAM the unimaginable happens.Haha. d:Yeah, I saw that episode of the After Show.I love the show but i... Read More »

Bbc news who are the news readers on the morning news today?

Mait why is Nine News and Sky News so similar in reporting style and graphics?

I've noticed that Sky picks up news readers, sportingannouncers & similar that have passed their use-bydate in the commercial TV industry.They probably do the same for news editors & producersso Sk... Read More »