Did you hear about the format war...?

Answer DVDs are still just fine for me and yes, I have an HDTV.

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Would you be able to hear a train from about two and a half miles away I hear it late at night?

It appears you are answering your own question. Under the right conditions I have heard train whistles from twice that distance, as from the top of a mountain with the train traveling through a val... Read More »

We all hear about the positives but what about the negatives of drinking water?

Besides making a person go to the bathroom too often they are alot of chemicals in our water systems these days that can cause infections or sicknesses. That's why those filters are very helpful.

Do you want to hear about the interesting conversation I had about peanuts?

That is pretty interesting. I had not heard that. She didn't happen to mention what study it was did she? or where it was published? I would like to read it.Edit: In case anyone is nerdy like me... Read More »

My new HD camcorder video files are in avi format and wont play on my computer you can hear sound but no video?

Hi Ayladid you know that you can upload straight from the camera via a usb cableto youtube ? you could then do whatever you want to them select the videos you want to uplaod thenhook up your camcor... Read More »