Did you have to get over the textureof bluberries to eat them?

Answer I found their texture pretty tolerable for a berry. They didn't have any weird texture to me at all. Not like dessert tofu, which made me feel like I was eating slime at first.

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I have bought two fruit bushes, one redcurrant, one blackcurrant. Will I have to put nets over them?

I had a redcurrant bush at my old house. I never netted it, it did occasionally get rifled by birds but not to any significant effect. Maybe the fact it was right near the back door that rowdy kids... Read More »

Help! My curtains have hair all over them.?

orgy night isn't until Thursday. I'm ok with a lil hair as long as it isn't my own curtains! Good luck and like your real name better!

I own a Subway resteraunt and i have fruit flies all over my store right now, how do i get rid of them?

stop leaving stuff out that they can eat, get some bug spray, try turning the temperature way down and way up, kill them all

I have over 1000 songs on my pc and want them transfered to my laptop. How can i do this?

copy them into a file then email them to your laptop