Did you give your computer a name?

Answer My one is called the Red Squirrel, but for general purposes I just scream in my flatmates faces 'where the Hell did you put my baby????'

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A friend told me that if I use my computer while I have a cold I can give my computer a virus. Is this true?

Ignore most of these answers, my boy. Your friend is perfectly correct but if your computer is fit, healthy and reasonably young it can easily throw off a little cold. Flu, however,is different an... Read More »

We are buying a new computer what shall we do with our old but working computer sell it give it or just dump?

Make sure you remove any private info or files, and then give it to someone that doesn't have one.If you can't find someone local then you can give it away on 'gumtree', take a look at the link.You... Read More »

Can the computer give you headaches?

On One Hand: Eyestrain Causes HeadachesEyestrain is known to be a medical cause for tension headaches. Furthermore, staring at a computer screen for many hours throughout the day can trigger eyestr... Read More »

Is there something you can buy to give your computer more space?

Yes, go buy a new harddrive - if you get an internal one you'll have to install it or find someone to install it for you. If you get an external USB one you just have to plug it in and go. $100 w... Read More »