Did you give your computer a name?

Answer My one is called the Red Squirrel, but for general purposes I just scream in my flatmates faces 'where the Hell did you put my baby????'

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Does your child's real dad have to give permission to change her name to her step-fathers name?

In most states, yes. I went through this as a child, and my mom wanted to change my name. My dad would not agree. Check with the state laws regarding this.

If you had to give up your television or your computer/internet,which would you choose?

Definitely TV, I find I'm watching less and less of it these days.From next week i'm gonna be spending half my week living on a narrowboat , due to it's location the TV signal is pants, I could get... Read More »

What can you do to give your child your last name if the mother is married to someone else?

Absolutely nothing. You have no control whatsoever over naming the child. You have no parental rights unless you establish your paternity in court. Once established legally as the child's father yo... Read More »

How to Give Your Baby a Russian Name?

There are an extraordinary amount of names for a child, but if you are interested in picking one of a certain culture or ethnic group, it can be done. Russian names are unique, and spelling is cruc... Read More »