Did you ever try to Turkish foods?

Answer Yes, in Istanbul at the famous market place! Much like Greek.Turkish also are famous for their extraordinary assortment of candies and Turkish teas!

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List of Turkish Basic Foods?

Turkish food is a fusion of European, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. The culinary traditions in Turkey have been around for more than 1,300 years, in large part due to its location and Mediterr... Read More »

Have you ever seen the list of Fast Foods in wikipedia?

To be honest, I never use Wikipedia since they're famous for their errors and inaccuracies but that sounds like something amusing to go look at! Thanks!

What is the most exotic or wierd foods you have ever tried?

Alligator isn't that exotic. And it's Durian which isn't specifically Chinese. It is better known in SE Asia.I have eatenDogSnake (delicious) Stir fried beesRatLive shrimp... and many more

What are organic foods and how are they different from other foods?

Organic foods are as limited as possible in inorganic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. They also do not contain growth hormones. Non-organic foods may contain growth hormones and may have b... Read More »