Did you ever own an 8 Track?

Answer Yes I had one back in the 60's and 70'sJust bought another two weeks ago at a yard saleplus:"Hot August Night" "Hotel California" "Rumors" "Three Dog Night's Greatest Hits" "Cheep Thrills" and ... Read More »

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Have you ever seen a train lay its own track?

That was pretty cool. Though I think it may have put more people out of work -- great 'engineering' though.

Australians, have you ever walked the Kokoda Track?

No--never have but I reckon every Aussie from Ankle Biter on up has a mental pic of the two Diggers in the mud, one supporting the other with the bandage over his scalp sloshing through the mud and... Read More »

My screen door is falling off the track. The one wheel on the bottom will not go into the track?

Most sliding screen doors have an adjusting screw, some are on the face of the door near the wheel others are on the edge like in this picture… which move... Read More »

Sliding doors on a 'track', what is the best way to keep them in the track?

Most sliding doors have rollers that roll on the track. There are usually 4 rollers with adjustment screws on the side to raise or lower the rollers to keep the door on track when adjusted properly.