Did you ever have braces?

Answer Yeah I hear you, I had braces 3 times since I was 7 years old till about 20 and still have a retainer on. I have great teeth, and glad I got braces. You aren't appreciative of them at first, but in... Read More »

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Dentist said I need braces, but I have already had braces in the past (please read details)?

Hi! I would go to the specialist first to see what he/she thinks you need. I would listen to the specialist kind of like a tie breaker. Even if he/she says you NEED braces, they are your teeth and ... Read More »

Can you eat chips on 1st week of braces n if their is no pain n is it normal if braces have blak spot on side?

Yeah its fine,i had soft food for the first week like noodles,soup,pasta.But as long as the chips arent burnt or hard.The black spot depends how big it is it could just be a mark from the braces/st... Read More »

Is it ever to late to get braces?

nope, my dad just got his off and he's 43

Will i ever get used to my braces?

Yeah, you'll definitely get used to them. After the initial shift of your teeth, the pain will go away. I've had them for over a year and a half, and I don't even notice them anymore.