Did you ever git a small needle or something stuck through yuor feet?

Answer Yes that sorta thing happened to me before. It was a sewing needle I forgot about that got hidden in my carpet..I stepped on it and basically the whole thing went into my foot! It slided out as I l... Read More »

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Is a 30 gauge needle small?

Yes, a 30 gauge needle would be tiny, while an 8 guage needle is huge.

How do I remove a small piece of glass that's stuck in my foot?

Let it work its way out. DO NOT USE TWEEZERS. This can make the glass splinter and be even harder to remove. If it doesn't work itself out in a couple days and you can't get it with your fingers yo... Read More »


there is a magazine called architecture that shows great houses. frank Lloyd wright designed every little thing about the houses and ornamentation and his work is well documented. the prairie style.

How can you get your iTouch 4G to work when it is stuck on one screen that has the apple symbol and a small tube?

It is unlocked with an expansion pack available in the app store