Did you ever git a small needle or something stuck through yuor feet?

Answer Yes that sorta thing happened to me before. It was a sewing needle I forgot about that got hidden in my carpet..I stepped on it and basically the whole thing went into my foot! It slided out as I l... Read More »

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Ok this may be weird but have you guys ever get stuck at looking at something?

yeah and its like. you dont want to stop looking at it. and it annoys the crap out of me when someone waves there hand in front of my face when i do that and theyre like "wake up! stop staring into... Read More »

Is a 30 gauge needle small?

Yes, a 30 gauge needle would be tiny, while an 8 guage needle is huge.

Who was the founder of the science project needle through a balloon?

Tom Ransom, a magician from Toronto, first published his "no-pop balloon" trick in "New Phoenix Magazine" No. 312 (July 23, 1954). Television performer and magician Doug Henning popularized the tri... Read More »

How to Stick a Needle Through a Balloon Without Popping It?

Balloons not only look good, but when someone looks at them, it makes them feel good. Have you ever been able to see a balloon, enjoy it and felt sad when it became flat because all the air seemed ... Read More »