Did you ever get a cramp in your abdominal area?

Answer Strained Muscles can happen anywhere but let me just say you are my hero for attempting the worst exercise on the face of the earth.I only do ab work by accident. (totally serious)BoxingKung Fu str... Read More »

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Pain in your lower abdominal area and discomfort during sex?

Answer sounds like an std more like chlamydia get tested soon it is cure able if untreated you damage your uterus an fallopian tubes and will not be able to have children

Can slight pain in your lower abdominal area and dizziness be signs of pregnancy?

Answer Yes, that is a sign, but it is also a sign of ovulating. Wait for your period to start & if it doesn't take a test. Answer Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the fi... Read More »

Strong Pulse in Abdominal Area?

Could be a Triple A....but how old are you? Usually aneurysms affect middle age to older population. But that rule does not always apply and stranger things have happened. It could be your blood p... Read More »

Chest pains in my lower abdominal area?

Any other symptoms (cold/clamy sweats, dizziness, jaw pain, arm or leg numbness,shortness of breath, etc) What was the pain like? (Crushing like someone sitting on your chest, stabbing, burning) l... Read More »