Did you ever "Google" yourself?

Answer I automatically Google myself and my work once a week, just to see if new things come up.You have to understand that Google is just a search engine. It doesn't produce content, it just links to it.... Read More »

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Do you ever Google yourself?

Yes i googled myself - i know sad isn't it!!But the results were of a woman who had killed her 2 children.(obviously my name isn't Nelly Nelly Nelly)

Do you ever google yourself or friends?

There's a crappy youtube video of a girl with my name that's had all of... 9 views, where she says nothing, does nothing, and basically just has her brother or someone trying to pick her nose occas... Read More »

Have you ever google searched your own name and found yourself on the net?

Apparently I am Breast stroke swimmer of the year 2006!!!LOL X

Do you google yourself?

no that is dumb if u do that u r ******* dumb and if u google urself u would find a big fat *** ***** like urself