Did you eat at Chick filet today?

Answer the ceo said nothing against gays. them little babies can wipe the tears off and suck it up.he has free speach like everyone else even some gays ate there because they were smart enough to realise.... Read More »

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I have never heard of Chick Filet and never seen one?

He donates money each year through Chic-Filet to anti-gay organizations. He has every right to express his views and choose where to donate corporate funds, although as a businessman, he should kn... Read More »

Do you pronounce it Chick-Fil-AY or Chick-Fil-uh?

What is filet of sole?

Filet of sole comes from a fish known for its light taste and flaky texture. Sole belongs to the flatfish family and comes in different varieties such as Dover sole and petrale sole.GeographyMost s... Read More »

How to Filet a Fish?

Catching your own fish can be a huge success that you'll want to enjoy with your family. What better way than to bring it home for dinner. This article will show you how to filet a fish.