Did u still have friends after u had a baby how did u meet other new moms?

Answer I'm in a similar situation, join a mothers group, even join 2, (a general one and young mums one).*I'm 20 by the way, my family live 8 hours away, my friends are all in party mode.

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Moms- How did you meet your hubby or boyfriend?

Auh your story is my story..haha I met my hubby on myspace actually.He saw me leave a comment on his friends page and added me.We talked for a 2 days than he asked me if he could take me out to din... Read More »

How do you get into your friends moms pants?

Um... What kind of question is this?1. Stuff yourself in2. Have someone stuff you inI wouldn't recomend it- your friend wouldn't be too happy and... GROSS!!!

How to Make Friends With Neighborhood Moms?

Being a mom is a wonderful and important job, however it can also be lonely at times, especially if you stay at home. Making friends with other moms provides adult interaction everyone needs and it... Read More »

Moms...contacts...friends! I have a copy cat...look at the dates please?

I've been reporting "her". I also sent an e-mail off to the Y!A team with both yours and the trolls profile links to inform them of the harassment and impersonation. I hope ... Read More »