Did u ever feel like ending it?

Answer Don't think about him anymore. Think of your own life, which by itself is too precious, and you will never get it again. If you care for your baby, live for both your sakes'. If you don't care for ... Read More »

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Do you ever feel like APs here, who are most likely peers (or younger) treat you like a child?

Dear Sunny,I have noticed that there is a lot of "talking down" all over YA but I think it might have something to do with the way the avatars look - everyone looks like they're 15. LOL!There are s... Read More »

Does YA ever make you feel like a bad mom?

i agree... sometimes seeing how others do things "better" or in a more dedicated matter it makes others feel bad. Just remember there is always chance for improvement, dont feel so bad. You can a... Read More »

Do you ever feel like you get thumbs down for no reason?

Yes, but I think the reason is some people have a major inferiority complex and thumbs down makes them feel powerful.

When you get up really fast do you ever feel like passing out?

Yes, its basically like a head rush, where a lot of blood gets rushed to your brain. Freaky feeling though lol.